Why your business needs to know about Periscope

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    Traditionally, a Periscope is a ‘Z’ shaped object containing mirrors to allow you to see objects previously out of sight; they were commonly used in submarines to see above the water. So what use does social media platform Twitter have with it and why does your business need to know about Periscope?

    What is it?

    Periscope is a new, free app produced by Twitter to allow users to stream live video footage to their followers. Not to be confused by Meerkat, a similar app that Twitter has now blocked from using the platform due to it being a direct competitor. Periscope is the latest in a run of apps, such as Vine, to bring people together in real time using video footage. In fact, the similarities between each app are clearer than the differences but with the backing and promotion from Twitter, Periscope has an advantage on this platform.

    How does it work?

    Creating a Periscope account is quick and easy, all you need is your Twitter handle and password to automatically follow any of your twitter friends also using the app.  The filming process is no different from using the video setting on your smartphone and activation/deactivation is simple. You can upload your footage to your Twitter page straight away or delete it within the app and start again. You are able to rate other people’s footage, whether you follow them or are watching from the ‘global’ section, through a heart system – not dissimilar to Instagram or even Bebo back in the day.

    What are the benefits?

    More and more businesses are using Twitter to promote to or interact with their customers or prospects through a range of methods from daily tweets to paid promotions. Periscope will allow you to quickly share content as and when it’s happening without having to have access to a computer.

    This would be ideal for:

    • An event
    • A product launch
    • A team activity
    • A tour of your facilities
    • Meet the team

    How will it help me?

    With the average human’s attention span slowly decreasing, viewers are becoming more and more impatient whilst viewing content. Blogs have turned to ‘Vlogs’ and Status’s have turned to Images all to captivate an audience. In this content driven age, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and apps in order to ensure it’s your content people are viewing, in real time and in the format they desire.

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