Work Experience: What I've learned about Twitter

  • Year 10 Work Experience student, Luke Johnson, shares what he's learned about Twitter during his time with The Marketing Eye.

    During my time working with The Marketing Eye, one of the many things I have learned is that Twitter is not only a way to connect with friends, or to chat about ‘trending’ topics, but it is also a way for businesses to share progress with others and let them know about their opinions, products and successes.

    I now realise that Twitter is not just for gossiping and spreading news, but it is also very useful as a marketing tool. It is used widely in all aspects of marketing to help businesses spread the word and build an audience for their news, blog posts and promotions.

    During my work experience, I was given the task of finding suitable news stories about translation and ‘tweeting’ them throughout the day for a translation services company.  This became an easier task as the week progressed as I knew what type of stories I was looking for.

    This showed me how Twitter is used in business to raise the profile of a company. Followers of the user are able to see the tweets and potentially ‘retweet’ the story themselves, allowing it to be seen by that users’ followers. This causes the story to spread rapidly.

    Twitter presents a more personalised image of the company and acts as a catalyst for people to visit the website to find out more. This, in turn, helps the  business to expand.

    I have also realised that it is not just Twitter that can be seen in a different light. In fact, just about all of the social networking sites can be used for marketing news and products.  For example, ‘YouTube’, the video sharing site, can be used to present a personal aspect to the message meaning the client feels they have been directly targeted from the video. 

    My work experience at The Marketing Eye has changed how I will think about these websites in the future.

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