What is GDPR bigger than?

  • With the country seeming to have gone GDPR crazy in recent weeks, John Lennon’s famous quote came to mind and we couldn’t help but wonder, just for a bit of fun, we promise…. is GDPR bigger than Jesus?

    Using search volumes as our barometer, the answer for the UK is, er....‘yes’:

    Except for a small peak for Jesus over Easter, GDPR searches are consistently higher (although it seems even searchers for GDPR take Sundays off!). At their peak, GDPR search volumes were around 10x higher.

    Thankfully, the world at large seems to be taking a more balanced view:

    And if you’re wondering how the Beatles are getting on in comparison, well they’re lagging behind both:

    If only John Lennon had the data to prove his claim at the time, he might have saved himself a whole heap of trouble!

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