Understanding the Evolution of Email Contacts: Why A Clean List Matters

Change is an inevitable part of life. Whether it's a shift in our job, a move to a new home, or alterations in our family circumstances and hobbies.

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By: Darren Coleshill on 16th October 2023, 3 minute read

We all understand the nature of change in life: jobs, homes, family circumstances and interests can all be subject to change. And, just as in life, the contact that you might have once cherished may have taken a new path, and you’ve grown apart.

Imagine the email address you've been sending your campaigns to for years. What if the person behind that email has moved on? What if they've changed jobs, and the address no longer belongs to them? It might seem trivial, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

Here's why it's a BIG deal:

Inactive or abandoned email addresses pose a risk, silently jeopardising your online reputation. These are termed as recycled spam traps. If an email address hasn't been used for a period of one to four years, it might be repurposed by spam trap operators. This can severely hamper your email deliverability, making your emails blacklisted—even those sent to your active, engaged contacts!

“Keeping your database up to date means you're not at risk of getting a bad reputation. This will also reduce the number of email bounces and possible spam complaints.”

So, what can be done?

Regularly cleanse your email list. Tools like BriteVerify, Zero Bounce or Hunter are designed to sift through your database, helping you identify and remove these potential threats.

And a small tip: never dismiss those out-of-office notifications. If an email indicates someone has left their job, it's time to hit delete, or unsubscribe them from your list.

In ensuring the best practices for your email campaigns, you're not just maintaining a clean list, but safeguarding the integrity and efficacy of your communication.

Stay informed and protect your email reputation.

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