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Nudge Global wanted us to build a website that introduced new CMS functionality to make the site easier to edit and change. The previous website was difficult to update without the need for outside assistance, which, in turn, made small changes difficult and time consuming. The previous site was also slow to load, which had a negative impact on the user experience as well as an impact on search engine rankings. The new site needed to address all of these problems together.

Our Approach

In order to meet the objectives, we first needed to understand the issues that plagued the original website. We quickly established that the main problem was the WordPress theme, which was responsible for both it being difficult to update and for the slow load time. The theme no longer worked with Live Composer, which was the WordPress builder that allowed the website to be updated without jumping in and out of the code.

“This was I believe the 8th website project in which I have been involved with in my career and the most positive experience to date.” 

One solution we explored was to roll back the various plugins used on the site, and indeed WordPress, to an earlier version that would work with Live Composer. However, this would have been time consuming, error prone, open to security breaches and likely to lead to the loss of recent edits.

Instead, to meet the needs of the new design issued to us by the client, we opted to build our own custom responsive theme that was compatible with newer versions of Live Composer, and also faster and less “heavy” than the existing one. 

Read more about how we built Nudge Global a faster and more user-friendly website:

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