Launched in December 2016, PrimeStox offers an opportunity for investors and food lovers to support artisan food producers and their products over an online platform. Producers receive the finance to purchase their raw materials and investors make their return when the product is sold, typically within three to four months. Investors hold legal title to the goods until this outcome is achieved in full.

Why us?

Founder of PrimeStox, Joseph Cherrez, approached The Marketing Eye following an online search for specialist support and because he had learned of the team’s success with other Alternative Finance platforms, such as ArchOver and Platform Black. The ability to be quick to market with a proven approach was a decisive factor.

“The early investment in marketing was a significant one for us, but it has proved to be very wise and we are continuing to see a return on the initial activities. Deals on the platform fill instantly and we get a steady flow of new investor registrations each day.” 

The objectives

The primary task was to launch the proposition to the market and attract investors to the platform. PrimeStox had, at that time, only friends and family supporters and needed a critical mass of external investors to fill the projects being offered.

Read more about how we helped PrimeStox treble registrations while reducing spend in just two months:


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