Ablrate offers private individuals the opportunity to earn 11% pa investing in aircraft

01ablrate.pngPeer-to-business lender Ablrate has launched its newest and largest opportunity for private individuals to invest in aircraft. The transaction is ground-breaking and offers a return of 11% per year, with the capital fully secured against the aircraft itself. The loan amount is £2,475,000 and over £165,000 has already been invested by members of the public. With a minimum investment of £100, it is proving attractive to savers who are tired of the low rates achieved in bank accounts and regular corporate bonds.

The aircraft is an ATR 42 500 that is currently operating in South America with a government-owned airline. The airline has an impeccable record on both lease payments and ongoing maintenance, making this an ideal opportunity for investors looking to benefit from the strength of the regional turboprop market and the growth of the aviation industry generally.

Andy Sweeney, Head of Fixed Income Products at Ablrate said “We are really excited to be able to offer people the opportunity to invest in this aircraft. This is traditionally an investment that is only available to fund managers and the very wealthy. Ablrate are delighted to be able to open up this niche investment to every day, hard-working savers.”

Tony Griffin, Chairman of Phoenix Aircraft Leasing Pte (Singapore) said “I’ve been in the aircraft leasing market for many years and this is a great moment for us. For many years we have been tied to borrowing from banks but now we finally have a way to share the proceeds of our transactions with individuals, rather than banks.”

“Whilst we don’t expect all of our investors to be aircraft aficionados, we do expect people with a knowledge of aircraft to be very interested in this transaction, “ summarised David Bradley-Ward, CEO of Ablrate. “This is a strong sector with great opportunities for investors and we are delighted to be at the forefront of things. Previous transactions have been over-subscribed and we expect that to be the case here as well.”

Posted: 26th of February 2015

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