Ablrate approved for SIPP investment


Ablrate, the marketplace lender which specialises in asset backed transactions, has entered into a partnership with SIPPclub which enables sophisticated investors to invest in Ablrate loans through EvolutionSIPP.

Peer Lending is a rapidly growing sector of the financial services marketplace and Ablrate is emerging out of its beta phase with some significant milestones, including £2 million of loans completed, a $20 million commitment to loans from the Synthesis P2P Fund and now approval for SIPP investment through SIPPclub.

David Bradley-Ward, CEO at Ablrate, said: “The peer lending space is a phenomenon of our times, it opens up lending opportunities for investors in multiple asset classes which were previously available to institutional investors only. We feel that our loans offer excellent risk adjusted returns to investors and these returns are only enhanced when wrapped in a tax efficient vehicle such as a SIPP. Our partnership with SIPPclub and its EvolutionSIPP sprung from investor demand for such a product and we are very pleased to have now passed the process of approval.”

Brian Bennis, Founder and CEO of SIPPclub said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer our members the opportunity to lend their SIPP money on Ablrate through our exclusive EvolutionSIPP.  The high quality due diligence undertaken by Ablrate gives SIPP holders the chance to participate in lucrative, well conceived transactions from well-regarded businessess.”

Ablrate is launching its latest version of the platform in April to existing customers and it will be available to all after its public launch at the UK Investor Show on April 18th.

Bradley-Ward added “The new platform has multiple advanced features that will enhance the ability to manage loans, research transactions and track performance, which is vitally important for those who wish to actively manage their portfolios. We have also created automatic investment features that can drive a portfolio while still providing vital loan information to SIPP investors”.

Posted: 31st of March 2015

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