New rent-hub portal launches in response to UK’s broken housing market

On February 7, 2017 the government released a white paper entitled, ‘fixing our broken housing market’.

CB Solutions Ltd has announced the launch of its secure tenancy management & communication platform rent-hub. Designed in partnership with housing providers and tenants, rent-hub provides a secure, protected platform focused on the requirements of tenancy partners across social, private, commercial and student housing.

rent-hub’s aim is to create a united movement of honest, hardworking landlords, tenants and agents working together for the best interests of all. Whilst rent-hub can’t stop those who wish to operate dishonestly, the level of protection and clarity provided makes rent-hub an unattractive option for this element…effectively creating a gated community for honest rental partners.

Steve Reice, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“The Government’s white paper is a step in the right direction, but there seems to be a lack of understanding around what’s genuinely needed. It’s not about helping one group and demonising another, landlords, tenants and agents are all valuable pieces within the housing jigsaw.  A good example of this is the social sector. Social housing stock is at an all time low, and as a result, providers now need to access stock via the private sector. Despite this clear and growing reliance on private landlords, the government has still heavily penalised this group across the last two budgets.

A sustained building programme is important from a stock basis, but if the foundations aren’t solid then you will achieve little. You need to provide landlords, agent and tenants with the tools they need to help them unite and work honestly together.

rent-hub reduces property management costs, promotes open communication, dissuades fraudulent activity and ultimately helps ensure tenancies stay on track. If we can help landlords run their businesses more profitably, it will slow the rate of rent increases, start to take people out of housing poverty and have a positive impact on the housing benefit bill.

The overwhelming majority of landlords, agents and tenants are honest and hardworking; we need to ensure they are recognised and supported.”

Steve Reice added:

“rent-hub is just the first part of our engagement with the sector; over the coming months we will be launching additional high profile initiatives designed to provide further support. Good quality housing is a fundamental right and it’s unacceptable that in 2017 we still have such a disconnected sector. It is our ambition to work at ground level to ensure the UK has a connected housing sector with a single platform working in the best interests of all parties.” 

Posted: 1st of March 2017

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