How we do PR

Modern PR: listen, create, distribute...and measure

Modern day public relations is about more than issuing press releases - it requires research and monitoring of the conversations that are taking place in your target segments, followed by the creation and distribution of compelling content and value.  Moreover it requires a well thought through process. Our approach to PR is just that.


Market research


We find out which publications and websites are discussing subjects relevant to your brand and the sectors you are targeting; we identify what the issues of the day are and how we can shape your news to match the news agenda - and we look at what your competitors are doing too.



We establish relationships with the content creators and decision makers (typically, editors, journalists and bloggers) on your target publications and websites. We understand what they want to write about and when.  And we give them stories in a format we know they prefer, doing all that we can to make their lives easier.



We use our journalistic skills to create compelling news and features that your target publications will want to publish or that other websites will want to link to.  Sometimes we will write an article, sometimes we will issue a press release, other times we will merely 'tweet' or post a status update to your Facebook page.  Whatever the mechanism, the efforts will be combining to engage an increasing number of prospects over time.



We use a variety of rifle shot and broadcast distribution techniques to put your news and content directly in front of the widest possible relevant audience.  We think outside of the obvious and consider where your prospects are likely to be spending their time on and off-line and how we can get you featured in these publications and websites too.



You want to know what results your PR is delivering and so do we.  We monitor the target publications and websites for brand name mentions and keywords, for example, one of your products, and 'clip' everything we find.  We don't measure by advertising value equivilant (AVE) as we feel this is misleading and outdated.  Instead we measure qualitatively looking at factors such as influence and message penetration.

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