AltFi News - 05.10.18

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In the news this week
Property lending and investing platform LendInvest has launched a Bridge to Term transition service for borrowers looking to purchase property at auction. The product will allow borrowers to carry out minor development work or undertake refurbishment before switching to one of their buy-to-let mortgages. Staying on the property theme, new research by Market Financial Services has revealed that 1 in 5 homeowners are turning to alternative finance to obtain a mortgage, ranging from crowdfunding to mezzanine finance. Elsewhere, a poll by the British Business Bank has revealed that only seven per cent of businesses have considered crowdfunding.
LendInvest launches Bridge to Term transition service



LendInvest has launched a Bridge to Term transition service for borrowers looking to purchase property at auction. The product allows them to undertake refurbishment or carry out minor development before switching to one of the lender’s buy-to-let mortgages... (Mortgage Introducer)
1 in 5 homeowners using mortgage alternative
Research by Market Financial Solutions shows 19% of homeowners have used a form of alternative finance, ranging from crowdfunding to mezzanine finance and unregulated loans. The bridging lender commissioned an independent, nationally representative survey among... (PlaceTech)
One third of business owners unaware of alternative finance options
More than half of SMEs expect to increase income or turnover in 2018-19, according to British Business Bank One in three British SMEs want to grow their business but are unsure how, according to a new poll by British Business Bank. The new polling reveals, for example, that only 5 per cent of businesses have considered angel investment whilst only 7 per cent have considered crowdfunding. (SME Web)
What we’ve seen in Search
There was another small surge in searches for business banking solutions last month, which are 18.5% up on the same point last year.
business banking search trends
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Will the EC pass pan European crowdfunding regulations, including initial coin offerings?
For quite some time now, the European Commission has been discussing creating a pan-European approach to investment crowdfunding. This policy move absolutely makes sense and clearly aligns with the Fintech Action Plan and Capital Markets Union. (Crowdfund Insider)
Landbay changes criteria and relaunches website
Specialist buy-to-let mortgage lender, Landbay has changed its product criteria and relaunched its website. Maximum loan size will increase from £1m to £1.5m, with a maximum loan-to-value of 75% including fees. Aggregate loans with Landbay will rise from £2m to £5m. (Mortgage Introducer)
Stat of the Week
Older business owners are significantly less likely to be aware of alternative finance options than their younger counterparts. One in five millennials have considered crowdfunding, compared with fewer than one in 20 over-35s.
British Business Bank appoints new head of £2.5bn government-owned capital fund
The British Business Bank (BBB) has appointed Catherine Lewis La Torre as the new head of its commercial patient capital fund. Lewis La Torre will take charge of British Patient Capital Ltd, responsible for investing a £2.5bn government funding package for UK venture and capital growth announced in last year's Autumn budget. (City A.M.)
PwC acquires KYC tool from FSCom
PwC is bolstering its regulatory compliance business with the acquisition of anti-money laundering and sanctions screening tool KYC-Pro from Irish consultancy FSCom. KYC-Pro enables customers access to over 127 million companies worldwide, conduct individual AML checks across more than 20 countries and cross reference potential customers against international PEPs and Sanctions lists. (Finextra)
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The Marketing Eye says
Is P2P lending really outstripping the banks?
Last week, the P2P Finance Association (P2PFA) announced that its members, which make up a large proportion of the P2P lending industry, had outstripped the combined weight of the UK clearing banks in terms of net loans provided to SMEs during Q2 this year. In many ways, this is an astonishing statistic as it is widely accepted that P2P lending is still only a small sliver of the...
What is the best way to spend my marketing budget?
This is a question that we get asked a lot and while it's understandable that people are looking for a single, unambiguous answer, the reality is it's influenced by many factors ranging from the nature of the product or service to where the business is in its life-cycle. The question should really be: "how can I find the best way to spend my marketing budget?"