In the news - 20.05.16

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Visibility vs. credibility in FinTech - which one will win?

In perfect free markets, credibility would trump visibility every single time. But online consumer markets are not perfect, and nor are they free. And online consumers tend to mix visibility with credibility. (Forbes)

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FinTech shake up awaits

Growth in the UK’s FinTech sector is fuelling innovation in financial services. Backed by both government and regulator, digitisation is predicted to shake up the way customers access and use financial services. And this, of course, has profound ramifications for traditional providers and advisers. (FT Adviser)

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Start-ups to face competition as incumbents enter crowdfunding space

The rate of proliferation of crowdfunding platforms across Europe has been explosive over the past decade, and this growth is set to continue. In the last year, the number of crowdfunding platforms in operation has increased by more than two fifths (approximately 43%), and Europe is now well on its way to rivalling the growth rate of the world’s largest crowdfunding market, North America. (Forbes)

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Direct lending funds back in focus as an alternative source of finance for SMEs

Although the effects of bank deleveraging are being experienced in all of the world's major economies, the effects have been particularly sharply felt in the EU where it is estimated that bank debt accounts for 75 per cent of third-party funding to SMEs. (Hedge Week)

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One of the City's biggest independent brokers is betting the house on FinTech

The £2.9 billion City of London dealer-broker announced a deal to sell its global broking division to rival Tullett Prebon last year. (Business Insider UK)

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LendingClub, the poster child of online lending, is in a life-threatening crisis — here's what you need to know

The peer-to-peer lender LendingClub is on the cusp of being investigated by the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and it is in emergency talks to coax more buyers onto its platform to shore up the business. (Business Insider UK)

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Capital One UK launches FinTech start-up accelerator

Capital One UK is inviting fintech start-ups to join its newly launched Capital One Growth Labs – “an accelerator programme for early-stage start-up and high-growth companies”. (Banking Technology)

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