Do Twitter ads work?

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10th January 2014, 2 minute read

Building brand engagement through sponsored Twitter ads

The newest kid on the 'pay-per-click' block is Twitter, which has recently introduced paid advertising into the UK and Ireland.  We've been trying it out for clients to see if it helps to build their presence further and faster than using simple organic promotion and have seen some encouraging results.

There are several options for businesses to choose from:

Promoted accounts

You can promote your whole profile. This will appear in the ‘who to follow' section as users look for relevant users to follow.

Promoted tweets

You can promote individual or selected tweets to ensure that important messages are picked up by a wider audience than just your follower base.  Promoted tweets will appear in the news feed and search results of your target audience.

Promoted trends

You can get your hashtags trending by using promoted trends.  This will appear in the trends section for further amplification of your message and to generate engagement through conversation.  

What we've found

By using sponsored Twitter ads for our clients, we've found that follower growth has almost tripled.  Because it is possible to remain in complete control of who we target through paid promotion, we know that the followers gained are relevant, quality leads.  This has certainly been our experience to date.

We particularly like how it is possible to promote to users based on a variety of classifications including geographical location, gender, business sector, and interests.

The analytics tab is a really useful tool to keep an eye on how your Twitter account is performing.   We use it to monitor who is engaging with our clients' profiles and to make informed decisions on how to spend the budget, as a result.  We also perform daily tracking and regulation of the Twitter ads budget so we never go over the amount our clients are prepared to spend for gaining new followers and  engagement.

So, in summary, we say it's worth a look and dipping a toe in the water.  You can find the Twitter Ads pages here.

For more information on Twitter for business and paid search marketing in general, please contact us.

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