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29th May 2014, 4 minute read

With over 255 million active users worldwide and £10 million of those in the UK, it is not hard to see why companies continue to flock to Twitter to take advantage of this huge nest of people. Twitter is great for businesses wanting to connect with current and new customers on a regular basis. However, having a Twitter account is one thing - having a Twitter account that generates leads and interest in your business is something else.

The first port of call for achieving this is getting other Twitter users to follow your account. But how do you get people following you? Here are the top 8 reasons people follow businesses on Twitter:

1.       I like/love the brand - 70%

It's difficult for many B2B businesses to achieve this status of ‘love' on a global scale. This is generally reserved for your Apple's and Samsung's. However, it is possible to be known and admired locally or within a sector.

2.       I like to learn about new products - 58%

Do you have an exciting new product? Then tell people about it. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion on Twitter. As you can see, it is the second most reason people will follow you.

3.       I get discounts/offers - 54%

Everyone likes a good deal - don't they? Discounts, offers on bundled services and free trials are some of the ways you can attract more people to your company page.

4.       To enter a competition or a promotion - 42%

Similar to the above - competitions and promotions in conjunction with activities such as company surveys are a useful way of enticing people to not only follow your page, but try your product/service.

‘Hold on! I can't afford to keep running promotions and competitions.' Fair comment and you don't have to. Instead of running lots of competitions and promotions, you could spend more on one by utilising promoted Twitter ads.

5.       To get information I can use - 39%

Useful and insightful information is an excellent way of generating followers. The ability to react to the latest goings on in your field can turn your company into a must watch (follow). In addition, utilising popular twitter hashtags can put you right in the mix with larger companies who are also talking on a similar subject.

6.       To learn more about products that I already own - 29%

A great way of retaining customers and heightening your reputation is to offer continued information and insight into products or services a person or company already possesses.

7.       For customer service - 23%

Twitter has turned customer service on its head. The ability to interact with businesses is a big aspect of a user's choice of who to follow.

Case Study: Peer to Peer Business Lender

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Let us take a moment to recognise that not all followers are following businesses for positive reasons. They maybe following in order to make a complaint - so here's the opportunity to show you can react to complaints in a quick and professional manner. Treat it as a positive, not a negative. A good response here can turn that frown upside down.

8.       Their tweets are funny - 22%

Humorous tweets will help generate followers. Although if you are not funny - don't try to be. The negatives will far outweigh the positives and could lead to more than you bargained for. All publicity is good publicity, right? Wrong.

The above list is a good way of approaching a Twitter strategy for your business or re-evaluating one you already have in place. It helps answer many questions from ‘what shall we tweet about?' to ‘how do we get people interested in what we do?'

The Replace Base

Case Study: The Replace Base

An online retailer of mobile device repairs and replacement parts

The main benefit you'll get out of using this list and gaining followers is the brand awareness you will generate as a result. The more people who follow your company page, the more people get to know about your products and services and the more your revenue and profits point upwards.

We have been involved in many successful Twitter campaigns for companies in many different sectors, so please get in touch if we can help you increase your brand awareness on social media.

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