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May 2014

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    Why should I follow you?

    With over 255 million active users worldwide and £10 million of those in the UK, it is not hard to see why companies continue to flock to Twitter to take advantage of this huge nest of people....

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    The value of emotional branding in B2B marketing.

    In the world of B2B marketing, common thought as outlined by Mindi Chahal, is that B2B buying is ‘based solely on logical factors such as cost benefit analysis, risk assessments and feasibility...

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    Are your emails critical?

    We're big advocates of email marketing here at The Marketing Eye, and like every business, we constantly have to ask ourselves if our campaigns, and those we run for our clients, are as effective as...

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    The changing face of Twitter

    Twitter has many very loyal fans and, on the whole, they like it because it is different and relatively simple. So, it's not surprising that die-hard Twitter fans are generally feeling unsettled by...

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